Specializing in the genres of Top 40/Pop/Urban/EDM, this is where we take a song from scratch to an industry-competitive final result. Whether you have a melodic hook or the beginnings of a lyric idea (or even if you don't: maybe you're a phenomenal vocal performer in search of the perfect original song on which you could showcase your talent), Track Ops Music can help you not just run with it but really go the distance with you and breathe life into any starting concept or draft idea (or, in the case of the latter, compose, write and build the whole song from ground-up around your vocal range and sensibilities). Whatever the situation might be, the important thing is that the quality of your product isn't compromised due to dated sound design and amateur mixing techniques - not in our backyard!

This service package includes composition and sound design/production, arrangement, top-line songwriting (lyrics and melody), vocal recording, vocal tuning, mixing and master - essentially, the full spectrum of steps involved to take your ideas from A to Z, delivering at the end of the experience a final product that you will be proud to include on (if not make the lead single of) your next release.



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Are you a filmmaker looking for the perfect symphonic/orchestral theme and cue music to accompany your feature-length masterpiece? Maybe you're a music supervisor looking for just the right fast-paced score to accompany a fight scene in an episode of a crime series, or a Calvin Harris-type 'sound-alike' instrumental for a clubbing scene in an episode of a reality series? Perhaps you're producing a commercial for a cell phone company and you need a catchy jingle with a trademark ringtone-type hook to go with the video you made of a bunch of dancing animals. In any case - we've got your back.

Track Ops Music is equipped to compose/score music to video projects of any length, to scenes of any kind and emotions of all sorts; we can also provide custom-tailored feature and theme music for anytime the title screens and credits roll.



So many people claim to do it, but so few do it properly, and even fewer do it well. Anyone who's been in the music production business for long enough knows what a good mix (and thus a good end-product) begins with getting the best possible source sound recording by any means necessary - in the case of a vocalist or (analog) instrumentalist, this would mean stopping at nothing to get the most pristine recording so that a qualified engineer/producer can really bring out the desired frequencies in the mix without having to worry about things like audio bleed or clipping.

Track Ops Music boasts an acoustically-tuned sound-proof live room/vocal booth to serve all your recording needs, and the pre-amps and compressors in place will add a color and depth to your recording that you never thought possible prior to coming in! A poorly-engineered recording can be absolutely ruinous to the quality of the final product - don't let it happen to you!

While we would always recommend that for optimal results, you come to us from the very beginning of your project (we're talking the drawing-board stages, even before the writing process really comes into play - remember: a great recording begets a great mix) so that we can get the sounds/voicings of your musical work JUST right before getting into the mixing process, we realize this isn't always possible given timeframes and deadlines and other little things like you not knowing about us prior to needing this exact service. So, we put this service package together for if you happen to have audio stems or midi lines already recorded that you need mixed (or if you have midi lines recorded that need to be re-sounded), or if you have finished mixes that need to be mastered into radio/release-ready tracks. No worries, bring it on through: Track Ops Music has a full production suite featuring the latest key pieces of mixing and mastering hardware along with a whole library of software plug-ins, ready and waiting to turn your demo/scratch recordings into solid finished products that will showcase your art in the best possible light.